Skye's Story

Hi Friends! It’s me, L. Skye! I wanted to tell you my story, I hope you don’t mind, but I think its best I start from the beginning! 

I have a sister, Cleo, and we were born into this world blind and deaf due to the double-merle gene which is from irresponsible Great Dane breeding. While our first family had the best intentions of taking us both home and raising us together, they didn’t fully understand how difficult raising double-merle littermates would be. Many people thought Cleo and I were bonded to each other but, unfortunately, we were not and it was a constant struggle to adapt to new things each day.

Before we turned one we were surrendered to a rescue. While we were very happy to have a rescue to go to, it was quite a change for two deaf and blind sisters. We struggled with a lot of issues, not just from being deaf & blind, but from not properly being socialized and the constant changing circumstances in our lives. After a year with no foster home at our first rescue, we were transferred to another rescue and found our Foster Mom, Alicia! While our Foster Mom knew a little about double-merles, she still had some learning to do, but she was determined to give us the best chance! She told us that many people asked her, “Why don’t you adopt them yourself?”, but see, Foster Mom has 3 other dogs and 2 cats already. And well, Cleo and I did not care for the small pup and the kitty cats. However, because she is a great Foster Mom she made everyone safe by buying a new house that allowed everyone to have their own space separate from each other. We also requested (and she obliged) a new minivan so we can have extra space on our trips! We were truly living the good life at Foster Mom’s house, but she wanted more for us!

After hanging out with our Foster Mom for two years, we were adopted thanks to Big Dogs Huge Paws!

Cleo found a wonderful family in Missouri! Cleo’s new family saw her as an angel that came to heal their broken hearts after the passing of their double-merle Great Dane. Cleo has a wonderful home with two human sisters and two large canine siblings!! I am so happy for my sister to have found such an amazing home.

Then it was my turn. Oh man I loved my new family. They were so nice, loving, and understanding of my issues. But remember the issues I faced as a puppy? Well sometimes those demons come back to us. You see, I just couldn’t adapt to my new home, it wasn’t the people in my family—because I really loved them! It was just all the new smells, layout, and routine. But here is where I got lucky! My adoptive family knew what was best for me and called my Foster Mom. It was sad, but they knew what was best and I came back to live with my Foster Mom.

Now here comes the best part of my story…

When I came back to my Foster Home I found my bedroom, my couch, my backyard, and my toys, and I was home forever! Yes!! That’s right, my Foster Mom is now my Forever Mom!! Yes, we still has those stinky cats, but I still have my own space away from them! I have my couches for naps and cuddling with mom on! I have amazing friends that come over and see me! I am comfortable, safe, and loved! 

Oh! And because I don’t have to spend my free time looking for a forever home now, I put Mom to work! I had this great idea to start my own business, so we could continue to help other dogs still in rescue! Yep, that’s how Rescue Paws Apparel was started! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my story! I hope you enjoy the apparel and designs we’ve made for you! If you have any questions, please make sure to reach out to my mom and I’ll make sure she treats you well!

All my puppy love,

L. Skye